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Tad formed his band, Tad Newton’s Jazzfriends, in the latter part of 1983 and believes his current outfit is the most inventive, exciting and creative yet. The band tag of “Basin Street to Basie and Beyond” sums up the approach perfectly. The Jazzfriends are able to pay tribute to all the great sounds of the jazz spectrum from the classic jazz of the 1920s through to the best contemporary sounds of jazz today.

The Jazzfriends are equally at home with New Orleans street sounds and Miles Davis, one of the few bands in Britain to encompass such an impressive range. This adaptability makes The Jazzfriends ideal for festivals, clubs and parties of every kind! Trombonist Tad’s main influences have been Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and all the jazz greats.

Tad and
The Jazzfriends have enjoyed many highlights, notably being voted band of the festival at Guernsey Jazz Festival and playing with international jazz stars such as Greg Abate, Al Casey, Cynthia Sayer and Yank Lawson from America and British luminaries like Roy Williams, Simon Spillett, Janus Carmello, Terry Lightfoot, Alan Barnes, Phil Mason, Joy Parke, Allison Neale, Brian Dee, Craig Milverton, Ian Bateman and Russian sax star Oleg Kireyev.

In addition Tad has been the organisational force behind long running jazz venues such as Sunday Jazz at The Walnut Tree in Blisworth, Jazz at The Castle Wellingborough, Jazz at the Bedford (Golf Club), and numerous festivals and jazz specials throughout the Midlands.